By Dr. Roopesh Tiwari, Assistant Professor, SAGE UNIVERSITY

Engineering graphics or drawing is the universal language of engineers. An engineer communicate his idea to others with the help of this language. Before actual construction , machines components etc., it is required to design them in order to meet technical requirements such as strength, safety etc. After designing, the next step is to prepare detailed drawing which is required during manufacturing . A good drawing communicate the message very fast among the people who use it. For example, workers or artisans in the factory, perform manufacturing operations only after understanding the drawing of particular object. The ancient man also used pictures and symbols to communicate among each other. The engineering drawing helps to provide clear idea about size, shape, internal details of any object. Internal and complicated details of an object or machine parts can be understood easily. Looking to its high importance, the engineering graphics/drawing is taught to students of almost all branches of engineering. Let us consider some examples where its uses are important. The drawing of a machine component is important for mechanical and electrical engineers. Drawings of maps of buildings, bridges, roads, dams etc., are useful for civil engineers. Drawings of electronic devices are of great importance for electronic engineers. The “drawing” or “graphics” can be expressed as art of representation of an object by systematic lines on a drawing paper or sheet. Engineering drawing deals with the representation of engineering objects such as machine components, dams, roads, buildings, electronic components, computers, motors, generators etc. An ideal and good drawing should have neat and clean, accurate and beautiful presentation. For such drawing, it is important to use good quality of instruments, pencils, sheets by the skilled draft man.

Course Content

Week 1 Concept of Data Structure and analysis of Algorithm
Week 2 Introduction to queue and its type Primitive operation on queue
Week 3 Introdution to linked list
Week 4 Tree basics terminolgy
Week 5 Sortings and Serchings
Week 6 Graphs
Week 7 Hash table and spanning tree


Dr. Roopesh Tiwari, Assistant Professor, SAGE UNIVERSITY

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