Foundation Engineering Concept - I

By Prof. Prachi Gour, Assistant Professor, SAGE University, Indore

Foundation is the key compnent of any stucture, this course will give a brief introdcution about the foundation engineering explaining disfferent types of foundation, their types and uses. Along with this the analysis of bearing capacity will be studied. The methods for compaction of soil and stablization of soil will be explained.

Course Content

Week 1 Concept of Data Structure and analysis of Algorithm
Week 2 Introduction to queue and its type Primitive operation on queue
Week 3 Introdution to linked list
Week 4 Tree basics terminolgy
Week 5 Sortings and Serchings
Week 6 Graphs
Week 7 Hash table and spanning tree


Prof. Prachi Gour, Assistant Professor, SAGE University, Indore

Prof. Prachi Gour is working with leading institutes and having over 9 years of academic experience. She has published various research papers in International, National and UGC cares publication and member of Research Editorial Board and IGBC. Attended many National and Internationals Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.